Donnerstag, 21. März 2013

World of Warcraft Gold/Item Hack

World of Warcraft Mega Hack, Dupliacte your Items

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1. Download The Hack.
2. Start WoW and Login, then start the Hack.
3. You need two Chars. One with the Items or gold you want to duplicate. One who will recieve the Items.
4. Start our Hack.
5. Make sure in the "Window Name" box is your World of Warcraft Window name (normally its "World of Warcraft")
6. Login with your Char who have the Items to duplicate.
7.Press "start mailing" and wait untilthe status text is "mailing".
8. Send the items and/or gold to your other char.
9. Click "finished mailing" and wait until the Status text "finished it" appears.
10. Log on your second char and you got two new Mails instead of one.
11. Have fun :)